Covid-19 Policies

The health and safety of our participants and staff is a top priority at the Sandusky Sailing Center. In 2020, we ran a Covid-19 Compliant Youth and Adult sailing program with no reported cases of Covid-19. We are constantly adjusting and adapting to the ever changing requirements of the Health Department to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. Our basic policies are:

Temperatures taken upon entry

Social Distancing when possible

Assigned seating (shown on floor plans)

Multiple opportunities to wash hands

Hand Sanitizer given regularly

Facility sanitized after each group completes their session

Shared (ex: Sailing Simulator) equipment is sanitized in between each student

On 5/17/2021 Stephanie McCloud signed a new Directors Order into effect. Sandusky Sailing Center has modified their policies and procedures to reflect this new Order. For the purpose of this order and our current policies, "fully vaccinated" is defined as any individual 2 weeks post their second Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 2 weeks post their only Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Changes to our current policies may include:

Individuals that are fully vaccinated are not required to wear a mask (1.a)

Individuals under 10 years of age are not required to wear a mask (1.c.i)

Day Camps are not required to wear masks (1.c.xv)

Social Distancing is not required for fully vaccinated individuals (3)

There are no capacity limits on outdoor facilities (7.ii)

Individuals not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask (8.i)

Individuals exposed to covid will be required to quarantine for 14 days and may return after

10 days if asymptomatic without testing OR after 7 days if they have a negative covid test dated after day 5 of exposure (11.g)

Fully vaccinated individuals do not have to quarantine if they are asymptomatic. (12)

If you have any specific questions regarding Covid-19 and your safety in our program, please contact our Managing Director at 419-871-8080 for more information.