Adult Learn to Sail

All Adult Learn To Sail classes take place aboard a J24 or Colgate 26 keelboat. Both boats are tiller steered and sloop rigged. During each course offered, you will learn/practice the skills and acquire the knowledge you need to confidently skipper and day sail on the Sandusky Bay.

Equipment needed:

USCG approved PFD, close-toed non-marking shoes, sunscreen, water bottle, lunch-for full day classes only

US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course

2 full days of in classroom and on the water instruction (15 hours total)

Includes course book and US Sailing Keelboat Certification

Dates are set with instructor at time of registration

$395 per adult (min 2 people, max 4 per course)

Private Sessions

Do you need to practice a specific skill? Do you learn better 1 on 1? Do you just want to go out and cruise the bay and relax while an experienced sailor is on board with you giving you directions? Do you just want to go out and cruise the Bay for a couple hours? Private sessions will meet any and all of these criteria. Private sessions can be customized to meet whatever your goal is for the session. Sessions can take place on Sailing Center boats unless you specifically request to use your own private vessel.

$100 for a Basic 2 hour session

$50 per hour after the first 2 hours (ex: 5 hour session = $250)

**Contact Sandusky Sailing Center for the full list of pricing options to tailor your experience to your individual need**

Start Sailing

Do you want to learn the basics about sailing? This is the course for you. It is a simple introduction to sailing, terminology, parts of the boat and other safety and navigation rules of the water.

There are two opportunities to take this course in 2021:

4 Thursday evenings for approximately 1.5-2 hours daily

1 Saturday all day for approximately 7-8 hours


$50 per person and includes your US Sailing Basic Keelboat book.

UPDATE: The Thursday Start Sailing class is being combined with the 1 day Saturday class 5/1/2021.

Located at:

Sandusky Sailing Club

814 Water Street, Sandusky