Youth Learn to Sail

Safety First!

Day 1 of Learn To Sail includes a capsize drill.

A certified instructor will capsize the boat with the junior sailors.

The instructor will then walk the sailors through the process to right the boat.

2021 SchedulE
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June 7-11 Discover Boating FULL DAY

June 14-18 Learn to Sail Session 1 HALF/FULL DAY

June 21-25 Learn to Sail Session 2 HALF/FULL DAY

June 28-July 2 Learn to Sail Session 3 HALF/FULL DAY

July 6-8 Community Sail-AM

July 6-8 JR Keelboat-PM (This program meets at Sandusky Yacht Club)

July 12-16 Learn to Sail Session 4 HALF/FULL DAY

July 21-23 Community Sail-AM

July 21-23 JR Keelboat-PM (This program meets at Sandusky Yacht Club)

July 26-30 Learn to Sail Session 5 HALF/FULL DAY

August 2-6 Learn to Sail Session 6 FULL DAY ONLY

August 2-6 Advanced Sailing FULL DAY

During the Learn To Sail season, our more experienced Junior Race Team members have the opportunity to be Junior Instructors.

course descriptions & Cost

Learn to Sail

A typical day:

  1. Morning weather brief

    • Discussing weather advantages and disadvantages of the day

  2. Skill lesson(s)

    • New skills to be taught that day

  3. Rigging

    • Putting the boats together, this requires teamwork and coordination from the class to complete the goal

  4. Sailing!!!

  5. De-rigging

    • Taking the boats apart and packing everything away cleaned and organized

  6. Daily recap, discussion of what we learned

  7. Dismissal

HALF DAY - 9:00a-12:00p

$160/Sponsor Member *


FULL DAY - 9:00a-4:00p

$310/Sponsor Member *


Discover Boating

  1. This is a class for children ages 10-16.

  2. Participants will be instructed in powerboats, kayaks, paddle boards, and sailboats.

  3. All course material will follow US Sailing and ODNR standards.

  4. Students will complete our half day Learn To Sail program during this course as well as earn their Safe Boating Certificate.

FULL DAY - 9:00a-4:00p

$310/Sponsor Member *


JR KeelBoat Program

The JR KeelBoat program is a modified version of our Adult KeelBoat program. The schedule and skill lessons are similar to our traditional Learn To Sail program but all skills are practiced with an instructor on a KeelBoat rather than the dinghy boats used in Learn To Sail.

HALF DAY - 12:30p-5p

$160/Sponsor Member *


*Sponsor Members:

Sandusky Sailing Club, Sandusky Yacht Club, Sierra Lobo

Please click the links below to register for the programs you would like to register for. Please remember you need one registration per sailor.

Scholarships are available for those who qualify. Please contact us for more information.

Located at:

Sandusky Sailing Club

814 Water Street, Sandusky